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FireX Fund is an investment company that invests in DeFi projects and high-yield cryptocurrency trading. We have a progressive team of analysts and developers whose well-coordinated work provides our investors with a stable daily income.



Minimum investment

0.001 BTC

Minimum investment

ETH 0.03

Minimum investment

0.2 LTC

Minimum investment


Withdrawal of the deposit at any time with a 10% commission

Automatic dividend accruals and fast payouts


Achievements Of Our Clients


💰 $ 32528.18


😃 1388


🔥 $ 16226.07

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High Profits For The Benefit Of Investors




About us

Newest Strategies For Your Success

FireX Fund is a unique and legal cryptocurrency investment company that uses all modern tools to maximize the profits of our clients. The main activities of FireX Fund are working with DeFi projects and crypto trading using its own algorithm.

DeFi is a progressive financial tool for useful services and applications that replace and complement banking services. These systems are aimed at implementing mass adaptation of the ideas of blockchain and smart contracts. As a result, DeFi projects have opened up a wide range of individuals to decentralized lending and investment. All this led to the growth of the DeFi market by 1300% in six months and brought significant profits to all investors.

The crisis of 2020 showed the vulnerability of modern traditional economic instruments and gave a new impetus to the development of independent financial structures. Our company FireX Fund does not lag behind these trends. We have the best team of programmers, analysts and traders who are highly competent in the fields of blockchain, cryptocurrency and trading.

01Participation in credit pools.

Decentralized systems allow you to provide borrowed funds with subsequent earnings on сommission. We participate in short-term loans with large collateral and a fairly high сommission for using funds.

02The provision of liquidity.

Our company provides liquidity to the latest and most promising decentralized projects selected by our analysts and traders. Because of this, we can gradually fix the share of such projects as they development and increase the value of the token.

03Production of liquidity.

We are actively working with a large number of DeFi projects on the terms of "cloud" remuneration of our actions by accruing additional bonuses in the form of personal tokens.

04Consulting on DeFi projects.

Our analysts and programmers conduct private consultations on promising DeFi projects and help them successfully and boldly assert themselves in the crypto community. For this, we get a part of the project's profit.

05Algorithmic trading.

Our team of traders uses the latest trading algorithm that allows you to fix a large profit depending on the transaction, taking into account possible market risks. A special strategy of active capital management allows us to accrue profit to investors on a daily basis.

Why us?

Our Advantages For Productive Work

Absolute transparency

The platform works completely autonomous, since all calculations are made automatically based on pre-set conditions.

Best for the best

Our company has developed the best strategies to ensure the highest profits to our investors in the cryptocurrency market.

Legal activity

Our company is officially registered in the UK and works worldwide with investors from more than 16 countries.

High safety

We have the best technical equipment, proven software and experienced specialists to ensure the safety of customer funds.

Customer care

Every customer is equally important to us. That is why our support department will be happy to help each of our investors.

Earnings without investment

You can work with our company even without your own investment by participating in the partner program and inviting friends.

Principle of working

How To Start Earning With Us?


Go through a simple registration and enter your username, email, password, security question and answer. Then log in to your personal account.

Specify your wallets

In the settings section, enter the wallet numbers that you will use when working with the company. This is very important for everyone.


Create an investment

Select a payment system in deposits area, specify the deposit amount, and make the transfer. Then you will automatically receive your income on a daily basis.

Withdraw your profit

You can create withdrawal requests at any time in an unlimited number. Payments are made by operators in manual mode.

Earn on the passive

Unique Partner Program For Everyone

Our company offers a promising opportunity to earn money by attracting new customers. The goal of our partner program is to create a loyal and friendly international community of investors. Every user can participate in it even if they don't have their own active deposit. To do this, you just need to get your own affiliate link and post it on various sites, video hosting services or forums.

Enjoy your financial freedom!

of the deposits of first-level partners
of the deposits of second-level partners.

Earn More By Completing Simple Actions

User loyalty is the engine of explosive growth. That is why we offer each of our partners to receive easy and generous bonuses for simple actions under the terms of the bounty program, which is designed to increase the recognition of our company in the network. The bounty program is a great opportunity for everyone to build their own affiliate network, as well as increase their income through bonuses for actions from the marketing department of our company.

Social network
  • 1. Write a text review of our company in a social network.
  • 2. Publish this review on your page.
  • 3. Send a link to the text review on our "Contact".
  • 4. Get a bonus from $0.1 to $2 depending on the popularity of your page.
  • 5. Remuneration is only possible if you have an active deposit.
  • 6. You can complete the task once.
  • 1. Write comments on several sites from the section «Our Partners»
  • 2. Send links to your feedback to our "Contact".
  • 3. Get a bonus from $0.1 to $1 depending on the number of your comments.
  • 4. Remuneration is only possible if you have an active deposit.
  • 5. You can complete the task every 24 hours.
Writing text review
  • 1. Write a text review of our company and tell about the principles of working with us.
  • 2. Publish this review on a site that only you own.
  • 3. Send a link to the text review on our "Contact".
  • 4. Get a bonus from $1 to $30 depending on the popularity of your site.
  • 5. Remuneration is only possible if you have an active deposit.
  • 6. You can complete the task once.
Creating video reviews
  • 1. Post a short video clip in which you share the results of your work with us.
  • 2. Upload this video to your Youtube channel.
  • 3. Send a link to your video to our "Contact".
  • 4. Get a bonus from $1 to $10 depending on the popularity of your channel.
  • 5. Remuneration is only possible if you have an active deposit.
  • 6. You can complete the task once every 72 hours.
Frequently Asked Questions

It Is Clear About The Most Important Thing

What does FireX Fund earn?

We earn money on complex work with DeFi projects and cryptocurrency trading. We managed to unite one of the best teams of analysts, traders and programmers in the crypto market.

Does FireX Fund have an official registration?

Yes, of course. Our company is officially registered in the UK #12907140 and operates in strict compliance with international law.

How do I become a FireX Fund investor?

To become a FireX Fund investor, just register by clicking on the "Sign Up" button in the header of the site. Then fill out the registration form, where you can enter your username, valid email address, password, security question and answer.

How do I log in to my account?

To log in to your personal account, go to the "Log In" section and enter your username and password.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

Don't worry! Go to the password recovery page, then enter your email address and wait for the following instructions in the response email. After you restore your password, don't forget to change it in the "Settings" section.

How many accounts can I register?

Registration of multiple accounts is strictly prohibited by the company's rules. Duplicate accounts will be blocked.

How many active deposits can I have?

The investor has the right to create any number of deposits with the participation of any number of payment systems.

What payment systems do you work with?

We work with Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit amount for all investment packages is $10, 0.001 BTC, 0.03 ETH and 0.2 LTC.

When can I expect to top up my account?

Funds are credited to the balance automatically after the invoice is paid.

Can I get the principal of my deposit back?

Yes. Any investor of the company can withdraw their deposit at any time with a commission of 10%.

What is the minimum payout amount?

The minimum payout amount is $1, 0.001 BTC, 0.02 ETH, 0.02 LTC.

Is the cryptocurrency exchange rate fixed?

Yes. A fixed exchange rate of cryptocurrencies is necessary so that our investors do not lose their profits when the exchange rate changes sharply. We accept that 1 BTC = $10,000, 1 ETH = $300, and 1 LTC = $50.

When will my payment arrive?

FireX Fund's operators pay out funds manually from the regulations in 48 hours. However, practice shows that payments are received much faster than the specified period.

Do you pay dividends on weekends?

Yes, we charge a dividend on any calendar day.

Does FireX Fund charge any fees?

No, our company does not charge any commission for operations.

Does your company have a referral program?

Yes, each user of our platform can receive 6% - 1% of the amount of their partners' deposits. To attract new referrals, we recommend placing your affiliate link on personal websites, forums, under video reviews, etc.

Do you have any advertising materials?

The company's advertising materials are presented in this section.

Can I earn additional income?

Yes. Our company has an extended Bounty program that anyone can participate in.

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